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Inaugural Wide Margin Essay Competition - Our ancestors, our faith

At Wide Margin, we're always on the look out for the next Peter Phan, Charles Nyamiti or Bénézet Bujo. Maybe that's you or someone you know? To help us find them, we're launching our first essay competition on the theme of "Our ancestors, our faith". Full details, and a printable poster, are below:

Inaugural Wide Margin Essay Competition

“Our ancestors, our faith”

Wide Margin December Newsletter

Every quarter few months so often, I send out a mail to librarians at Bible and theological colleges around the UK to let them know about our latest releases. Today I thought "Why just the librarians? Why not the rest of the world too?" So here you are, our December newsletter!

Jesus Decoded: "An exciting challenge and one well worth accepting"

A great review in the Methodist Recorder this week from Brian D Brown, Visiting Fellow in Media and Communication St John’s College Durham:

“Never be afraid of scholarship”, Alan T Dale used to urge his students in the 1960s. He was true to his own dictum and based his groundbreaking New World on the then latest scholarship from the likes of CH Dodd, J Jeremias, TW Manson, R Bultmann, G Bornkamm. He said that this is what the Gospels, Acts and letters would look like if we followed what the scholars were saying.

Why don't we use DRM on our e-books?

We make our books available in three different formats - paperback, Kindle (which you can buy from the Amazon store) and EPUB. (which you can buy right here on the site) For the two electronic formats, we don't use any kind of Digital Rights Management to "protect" our books. There's a variety of reasons why we think DRM is just a Bad Idea.

‘Jesus Decoded’ fills in the background to the Bible

At a time where we celebrate 600 years of Bible translations, can there really be anything new? Les Marsh thinks so. His new translation of the Gospel of Luke portrays the cultural and historical scene of first century Israel, bringing out not only the words of Jesus, but what those words would mean to his hearers.

Getting your books reviewed

We find that reviews are one of the best ways to make people aware of our books. We're a small company and we depend a lot on word-of-mouth sales, recommendations and hand-selling, rather than large promotional campaigns, to get our message across. We're always grateful when people like Jay Stiegelmeyer and Scott Cheatham write about our books - especially if they like them! (Looks like they do!)

Announcing "Upward, Outward, Inward" - House church planting from Japan

One of the inspirations for starting Wide Margin was my experience in trying to promote the work of Mitsuo Fukuda. His books have been a great influence on me, and deserve to be more widely known.

That's why today I'm delighted to announce the launch of Upward, Outward, Inward, his latest book, which sets out a simple way of teaching and living out the Gospel. The press release is attached, and the book is available from all good online bookstores.

Are publishers actually killing Christian books?

OK, I'll say up front that I’m not sure about this one, but it’s an idea I want to explore. In June’s Christian Marketplace there was an article from Steve Laube called “Why is it so hard to get published?” Well, of course, Wide Margin is all about changing all that, but he said one thing that made me sad.

Christian bookshops: Are we kicking against the goads?

I've been enjoying Phil Groom's Christian Bookshops Blog and Phil Wittall's Simple Pastor (which was, until recently, also about bookshops!) recently. Both of them have been recently lamenting the demise of the Christian bookshop in the UK, but I'm starting to wonder if it could actually be otherwise.

Wide Margin gets blogged...

I can't bring myself to use the word "blogosphere", but there's a few people writing stuff about us:

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