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Simon Cozens's blog

The success (and failure) of The Shack

I thought that today I would write about The Shack. (Do we need a link for that? You've probably heard of it already; it's only the best-selling new Christian book in decades, selling 12 million copies so far, and one of the fastest-selling books of the 2000s, Christian or not.) But then something interesting happened...

So you want to start a publishing company

It was a lazy Saturday morning in March when I first thought about starting a publishing company. I'd translated a fantastic little book from Japanese to English, and approached a couple of publishers about it, but nobody showed any interest. This was a world away from the kind of responses I was used to when I worked in computer publishing, where publishers are people who help you to get good books published. I noticed a few other things that irked me about the Christian publishing world compared to what I'd be used to, and so I decided to strike out with a new venture. But how? How do you start a publishing company?

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