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ほとんどの日本人は、起きている時間の大部 分を仕事に費やしているので、「どうやってクリ スチャンとして仕事をするか」という問いはま すます大事になっています。それと同時に、毎 日8時間同じ人と触れ合うのは、イエス様の姿 を見せるなんと素晴らしい機会です。「クリスチャンとしてどのよ うに仕事をするか」という問いに答える前に、 まずは仕事について基本的な考え方から始めな ければなりません。そういう基本的な考え方が 身につけられてから、もう少し具体的に仕事で 直面するチャレンジについてクリスチャンとし て考えましょう。

Understanding Asian Mission Movements

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The rise of Asian mission poses important questions to the global Church: How can we best relate to these burgeoning Asian mission movements? What can we learn from them? What models of partnership, mutual support and resourcing are appropriate—on both sides?

This book presents the papers from three Asian Mission Consultations held at Redcliffe College in Gloucester between 2008 and 2010, which brought together mission leaders and practitioners from Asian and non-Asian missions to interact with these questions.

Leadership in Japanese house churches

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This book is also available in EPUB format

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This study provides a survey of Japanese house church leaders, coupled with sociological analysis of leadership patterns in Japan focused primarily on the leadership of voluntary organisations and a historical review of house church movements, to determine the form and function of leaders and leadership within these movements. The key findings were that leadership is a function and not a role, is often coterminous with disciple-making, and can be characterized primary in terms of the maintainance of group cohesion.

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