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Tom Wilson

Conflicted Generations: A Study of Conflict in the Lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

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The Bible is filled with human stories, and wherever there are people, you will always find disputes, arguments and disagreements. While it may be true that there will always be disagreements amongst us, that does not mean that disagreement is always destructive. There is potential for good that can come out of conflict, if it is handled in appropriate ways. The aim of this book is to offer some suggestions for how to transform conflict from something that is destructive and draining into something positive and life-giving.

All United Together: Christian Ministry in Multi-Cultural Schools

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What's it like for a Muslim to go to a Christian school? How can a Christian school remain authentically Christian but at the same time welcome Muslim pupils? How should RE be taught? What about food, clothing, school assemblies, visits to the local church, requests for Muslim prayer times, single gender swimming classes and so on? Is it possible or even desirable have a Christian school where most of the pupils are Muslims? 'All United Together' explores these types of questions, through a fictional account of two weeks in the life of one such school.

Glorious Weakness

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“As we read through the Bible we see the reality that God created the universe to display his glory... this glory is not domineering or controlling, but rather is expressed through the weakness of self-sacrificial love. Without the idea of the weakness of self-sacrificial love, then glory could all too easily become domineering and overly controlling... Without the idea of glory, self-sacrificial love would soon slip from weakness into complete acquiescence and a complete loss of self-identity. Held together the two ideas complement and challenge each other.”

In this cogent study of the concept of glory throughout the Bible, Tom Wilson argues that the glory of God is expressed primarily through his weakness – and ultimately through the glory of the beaten, bruised and crucified Jesus. God’s idea of glory, it seems, is very different from our own...

Our society craves glory and despises weakness, but Tom Wilson shows that God’s glory is most powerfully demonstrated in weakness. This work prophetically challenges the contemporary church’s baptism of secular tarnished glories, and calls us to follow the way of Christ, whose infinite glory was displayed in the fragility of incarnation and the agony of vicarious redemption.
- Simon Ponsonby, Pastor of Theology, St. Aldates Church Oxford

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