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Bible translation


Translating the Testament of God

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Translating the Bible into the worlds' languages opens up the royal road to salvation to people living a systemic crisis: it sets these languages, which are often unwritten, on a firm scriptural foundation; it allows people of every nation and language to discover God's values. At the same time, these people are keenly aware of the need to improve agricultural technology for more efficient food production, access to health care, a more democratic political system, social justice and education. Yet every situation where a written form of the language of a people has been developed, and materials for teaching reading and writing have been distributed, has led to the opening up of possibilities for their physical and spiritual development.

Based on over thirty years of experience in the ministry of Bible translation in Togo and elsewhere in Africa with Wycliffe and SIL World Alliance, the author, Dr. Napo Poidi, a linguist and Bible translation consultant, issues a clarion call for solidarity and for the commitment of the Church in Africa to support the translation of the Bible and the development of African languages.

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