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Developing a Contextualized Church As a Bridge to Christianity in Japan

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What would a truly Japanese church look like—a church contextualized to Japanese needs, that sought to answer Japanese questions from a Japanese worldview? To find out, we first need to find out what those Japanese questions are and to understand how the Japanese worldview works!

This study unpacks the social and religious assumptions that make up the Japanese way of seeing the world, and examines the cycle of rituals that make up a Japanese religious life. It then brings these views and assumptions into dialogue with the ecclesiology of the Apostle Paul and of contemporary Western theologians, producing new images of Church which resonate with a Japanese heart, and suggests new rituals which redeem and transform Japanese religious symbols.

“A breadth of research... based on careful missiological study... could hold an important key to the advance of the Kingdom of God in the land of the rising sun.” - C. Peter Wagner

Belong, Experience, Believe: Pentecostal Mission Strategies for Japan

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Why don’t Japanese people become Christians? Miyake brings a pastor’s heart and a researcher’s mind to a question that has been asked many times in Christian mission.

After reviewing Japanese social and religious life and evaluating the history of mission strategies so far, he highlights two key ways that Japanese people relate to religion: first, they look for a sense of belonging to a community, and second they receive religious truth through first-hand experience rather than through abstract doctrine.

From this basis he develops a new strategy for churches to reach out into Japanese community.

Understanding Asian Mission Movements

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This book is also available in EPUB format

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The rise of Asian mission poses important questions to the global Church: How can we best relate to these burgeoning Asian mission movements? What can we learn from them? What models of partnership, mutual support and resourcing are appropriate—on both sides?

This book presents the papers from three Asian Mission Consultations held at Redcliffe College in Gloucester between 2008 and 2010, which brought together mission leaders and practitioners from Asian and non-Asian missions to interact with these questions.

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