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Christians and Catastrophe


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Catastrophe - natural, economic, environmental and military - has become the defining feature of our time. The choice we have as Christians is how we deal with it.

Do we see crisis as God's judgement or do we struggle to overcome it? Do we find our solutions through the mission of the church or through the structures of the world? Do we even have to face the crisis at all?

Arguing that our approach to this world determines our experience of the next, and that what we do with this planet and its people reflects our identity and our priorities, this book is a call for Christians to learn to interpret the signs of the times and to think theologically and Biblically about their response.

Jonathan Ingleby has written this essay at a time of undoubted environmental crisis. The gifts of creatively minded and biblically thoughtful people have never been more urgently needed if Christians are to respond well and authentically with transformed lives and in renewed communities, and this well-researched piece makes a powerful contribution to the necessary debate.
Peter Harris, founder of A Rocha