TitleDeveloping a Contextualized Church As a Bridge to Christianity in Japan
AuthorMitsuo Fukuda
UK Price £9.99
Publication Date 2012-02
ISBN 978-1-908860-00-2


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    What would a truly Japanese church look like—a church contextualized to Japanese needs, that sought to answer Japanese questions from a Japanese worldview? To find out, we first need to find out what those Japanese questions are and to understand how the Japanese worldview works!

    This study unpacks the social and religious assumptions that make up the Japanese way of seeing the world, and examines the cycle of rituals that make up a Japanese religious life. It then brings these views and assumptions into dialogue with the ecclesiology of the Apostle Paul and of contemporary Western theologians, producing new images of Church which resonate with a Japanese heart, and suggests new rituals which redeem and transform Japanese religious symbols.

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    “A breadth of research... based on careful missiological study... could hold an important key to the advance of the Kingdom of God in the land of the rising sun.” - C. Peter Wagner

    Mitsuo Fukuda is an equipper of disciple makers and founder of Rethinking Authentic Christianity Network, which has provided mission strategies and grass-root training systems for Body of Christ in Japan as well as in other Asian nations. After finishing the Graduate School of Theology at Kwansei Gakuin University, he researched Contextualization and Cultural Anthropology at Fuller Theological Seminary as a Fulbright Graduate Student and received a doctorate degree in Intercultural Studies. His previous books include "Mentoring Like Barnabas," "Paradigm Shift in Contextualization," and "Readings in Missiology: Japanese Culture and Christianity."

    Author Location Hyogo, Japan
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