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The Earth Will Teach You

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All of Creation is groaning in the face of environmental and ecological destruction, but what is the message that it is speaking to us? How can we listen to what the animals, birds and the earth itself are telling us? And how, then, should we live? In this series of tender but practical reflections, Kevin Durrant helps us to discern the voice of nature and the testimony of Scripture as they relate to the world around us and our responsibilities to it. Weaving together art, poetry, current events and the Biblical narrative, The Earth Will Teach You provides hope and inspiration as we wrestle with the most important theological issue of our time-the fate of our planet and all its inhabitants.

“This book reminds us again and again that we live in a beautiful world and as part of it ourselves, we can constantly draw inspiration and instruction from it. The earth will indeed teach us and also nurture us if we are not too busy ignoring or destroying it... I believe this book will also make people realise that, though we do need to change, the change will be to something more life-enhancing, more liberating and more exciting. What the earth teaches us is good news, indeed more than that: it is an appeal to join in the creation of a new heaven and earth.” Jonathan Ingleby