TitleGod, Self and Salvation in a Buddhist Context
AuthorSimon Cozens
UK Price £9.99
Publication Date 2017-03
ISBN 9781908860194


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    This book is for Christians who wish to develop their understanding of Buddhism. Examining key Buddhist doctrines such as non-self, karma and Dharma, Rory Mackenzie shows the reader ways of sensitively engaging with Buddhists. Informed by Karl Reichelt’s contextualised approach, the book advocates friendship with Buddhists but at the same time maintaining missionary encounter. Drawing upon the author’s experience on the mission field in Asia and work in the UK, the book offers helpful analogies, illustrations and conversation starters, making this a useful guide for those who wish to share their faith with Buddhist friends.

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    "The best Christian treatment on Buddhist worldviews to date! A highly recommended introductory textbook that explains Buddhist concepts clearly in the great tradition of respectful and genuine interfaith encoun- ters. Rory Mackenzie is that rare person who combines profound faith in Christ and practical field mission experience with years of love and personal friendship with Buddhists.” Kang San Tan, Executive Director, Asia CMS
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    PublisherWide Margin Books, 90 Sandyleaze, Gloucester. sales@wide-margin.co.uk
    Distributor Gardners Books Ltd, 1 Whittle Drive, Willingdon Drove, Eastbourne. custcare@gardners.com +44 1323 521555